How to Polish Marble Countertops: A Step-by-Step Process

We’re all aware of the sheer beauty that marble brings to our homes. It effortlessly infuses sophistication and elegance into any space, and the best part is it’s timeless. No matter how distinct your home’s style, there’s a marble variety that can effortlessly blend in and fit with the aesthetics of your home. The smooth, versatile colors and textures have become a favorite among countless homeowners. Yet, to keep marble looking its best, it only takes a few simple habits. Let’s explore these steps together!

How Often to Clean Marble Countertops

Every beautiful thing can get tainted if we don’t take good care of it. It’s the same case with our marble countertops. If we get lazy and stop cleaning our marble countertops regularly, they can start looking dull very fast. That’s why it’s important to take good care of your marble countertop and clean it regularly. They are made out of natural stones, so you only need to wipe off the dirt using a soft and dry cloth.

Tips to Keep Your Marble Countertops Clean Longer

Marble countertops are renowned for their beauty and elegance, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. However, to keep them looking stunning for years to come, it’s essential to provide the right care and maintenance. We’ve got some expert tips and tricks to help you maintain the shine and ensure your marble countertops remain a focal point in your home.

  1. Clean the stains quickly: Always clean your marble as soon as possible so the stain does not get stubborn over time.
  2. Avoid placing hot objects: Protect your marble from extremely hot objects while cooking.
  3. Add a sealer: Add an extra layer of marble sealer to protect your marble.
  4. Avoid acidic cleaners: If you clean your marble every day, avoid acidic cleaners.
  5. Stick to marble-designed products: Always use products that are designed to clean marble.
  6. Prevent marble etching: You must always avoid marble etching.

By following these steps, you can keep your marble countertops clean for a long period.

Before You Begin

Before you start with marble cleaning and polishing, you must gather all the items that you may need during the polishing process. Some of the common items you will need are:

  • Polishing compound
  • 3-4 soft cloths
  • Marble sealant
  • Mild detergent
  • Poultice
  • Low-speed polisher

After gathering these supplies, you are all ready to start polishing your marble!

Steps On How to Polish Marble Countertops

Now comes the important part of the process: polishing your marble countertops! We have compiled a list of the easiest ways to polish your marble counters and restore their beauty as well as enhance their appearance.

Step 1: Clean The Surface

Before you start polishing, you must make sure that the marble surface is clean and free of dust. You can use a soft, dry rag to remove any excess particles from the marble. However, don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean your marble countertops. You must also remember to dry your marble surface after cleaning by using a dry cloth so that your marble does not have any wet spots or streaks.

Step 2: Examine The Condition

Assess the condition of your marble countertop. Some conditions you may come across are:

  • Discoloration on your marble
  • Stubborn stains
  • Scratches

Discolorations on your marble are left behind by foods or other items placed on the marble countertop. You must treat the discoloration before you polish the countertop. While some scratches are fixable, most deep scratches that go beyond the surface level of granite require a lot of effort and tools to cover them. If your marble countertop also has any deep scratches, it would be hard to get a smooth surface after polishing. So you must contact a professional company like Granite Karma to do the job for you.

Step 3: Pick A Marble Polish

You must pick a high-quality stone polish according to your liking. You can choose from powders, creams, or sprays. Each product comes with its application description, so you must always follow the product description of the polish for their recommended application methods.

Step 4: Test Out In A Small Area

Do not directly put a poultice on the entire surface; always remember to test it out in a smaller area first. It helps to avoid any damage or discoloration. If it applies smoothly, you can follow the polishing process.

Step 5: Apply The Marble Polish

Applying the marble polish consists of the following steps:

  • Start by applying a small amount of marble polish to the marble surface.
  • Always work in small sections to get a better finish (1-2 feet at a time).
  • Use a soft cloth or polishing pad and buff it in a circular motion.
  • Apply the polish evenly on the marble and cover the entire area you want to polish.
  • Don’t let your polish dry out while applying because it can start clamping up.
  • Each polish has its instructions we must follow to get the best results.
  • Leave the polish for 12-24 hours for better results.

Step 6: Buff The Marble

By applying gentle pressure, buff the marble in a tight circular movement using your soft cloth or polishing pad. By buffing your marble, you will get the shine you want on your marble. You may also repeat the buffing process if your countertop has minor spots or scratches. You can also use a polisher to buff out the marble using low to medium speed. If you need severe etching, you will require the help of a professional company like Granite Karma.

Step 7: Clean And Remove Any Residue

Once you’ve given your marble countertop a good polishing, grab a damp cloth to wipe away any excess polish or unwanted residue. In case there’s stubborn residue, a scraper can come in handy to remove it gently. By removing the excess polish, you can protect your marble from streaks or dull spots.

Step 8: Let It Dry

Now, you must let your marble countertop dry completely. Once your marble is fully dry, your marble will regain the shine and polish you have been aiming for. If your marble still has stains from the polishing, you can repeat the process. Polish the countertop using a buffing compound and then again use a polishing compound. If the products still don’t make a difference, you can wet sand the marble using 1,000 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Lastly, remember to seal your marble after polishing so it can stay protected for a long duration and be safe from stains and scratches.

Seek A Professional

As easy as it sounds to polish your marble countertops, it is also really easy to mess up and ruin the beauty of it. So, if you don’t want to gamble the beauty of your marble, you can contact Granite Karma to get it polished professionally. Our team knows exactly how to restore the shine your marble countertops need; our polishing process can guarantee its restoration. Contact us today, and let’s get you started!


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