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Porcelain Countertop Installers Phoenix, AZ

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Are you considering porcelain countertops for your Arizona home or business? Porcelain countertops have been gaining popularity over the years due to their affordability and durable surfaces. Porcelain countertops are sleek and stylish alternatives to the more expensive natural stone surfaces that are out there.

What Is Porcelain?

Porcelain is created using a non-porous ceramic clay that is made up of many materials, including silica, and kaolinite. Porcelain is baked at high temperatures that exceed two thousand degrees Fahrenheit. When fired at these temperatures, the elements blend to make one of the most durable surfaces available. These porcelain surfaces can stand up against the most stringent demands of any household, including heat, scratches, scuffing, staining, and sun damage.

Does Porcelain Come In Colors?

porcelain countertop installation Phoenix, AZ When people think of porcelain, they often think of the traditional white sinks and toilets that we have grown to know over the years. Since being introduced as a countertop, porcelain countertops have been offered in many color variations. Homeowners in Arizona will be thrilled to know that there are porcelain countertop variations that will match any color scheme they are trying to achieve. Some porcelain countertops can be colored to mimic the look and feel of natural stone surfaces like marble and quartz.

During the baking process, pigments are added to the chemical mixture to give the porcelain it’s beautiful coloring. These pigments are commonly referred to as a glaze and are combined to create colors of all kinds. These pigments can also alter the look and feel of the surface of the counter by making them appear as if they were wood surfaces, marble surfaces, or steel like surfaces.

What Are Some Countertop Finishes For Porcelain?

There isn’t the same variety of finishes for porcelain that are available for wood and natural stone, but there are some finishing options available none the less. Most porcelain surfaces can be finished with a high gloss glaze or a matte finish. The most significant difference between how these finishes are applied, and how stone and wood finishes are applied, is that porcelain finishes are baked on while being manufactured at the plant. A quality sealant will protect the porcelain countertops and make an already durable surface nearly indestructible.

Different Edging Options For Porcelain Counters

The manufacturer usually limits edging options. The two most common edge types are mitered and squared edges. The mitered edge is most commonly used to make the countertops appear thicker, while the squared edge gives it a traditional look.

How Much Do Porcelain Countertops Cost?

Porcelain countertops can cost anywhere from $65 and $110 per square foot. Arizona residents often find porcelain an affordable alternative to the other available natural stone options. While costing less, porcelain might also be more durable and have a longer life span than some of the natural stone surface options.

Why Should You Consider Porcelain Countertop Installation?

In Arizona, the sun can damage any surface area that is near a window. Porcelain is capable of holding up to those harsh UV light better than other surface materials. In addition, here are five other reasons to choose porcelain countertop installation.

Five Reasons To Choose Porcelain Countertops :

  • Affordable pricing
  • Extremely durable surface
  • Resistant to UV Light (great for Arizona homeowners)
  • Do not need to re-seal
  • Low maintenance

If you are considering porcelain countertops for your home, and you are an Arizona resident, contact us today to learn more about the advantages of choosing porcelain, in addition to receiving a free estimate.

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