Calacatta Jubilee Quartz

Kitchen Countertops

Project: Kitchen Countertops

Material: Calacatta Jubilee Quartz

Location: Gilbert, Arizona.

Challenges: This kitchen has an island with a T shape, slabs not book matched, and slabs with minor defects that needed to be avoided. Customers decided on Calacatta Jubilee based on their desire for a modern look and bright white background with beautiful grey veins. As mentioned before having a T shape island represented quite a challenge as one of the slabs had to be cut in a vertical position and the other slab in a horizontal position, all this while trying to match the veins to create a uniform visual effect.

We were able to find some veins to match not 100 percent but very visually pleasing. The waterfall was the final touch and complemented the island perfectly. The final result speaks for itself and customers are super happy!

Tips for future customers: Be open to:  buy an extra slab if needed for better matching of the veins, non book matched slabs are more difficult to vein match and sometimes impossible to do 100 percent, be open to suggestions of seam placement, trust your fabricator.

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