Greystroke Quartzite

Kitchen Countertops

Project: Kitchen Countertops

Material: Greystroke Quartzite

Location: Goodyear, Arizona.

Challenges: The U shape of the kitchen countertops and pattern of the material, also defects in the material. This client came to us recommended by a prior client and had already purchased their quartzite slabs. Most kitchen countertops don’t need any special layouts but this one did for multiple reasons, one being the pattern of the quartzite slabs was of horizontal lines. In order to keep the same flow of the lines two seams were advised, and the client agreed to this suggestion. We also had to avoid some dull areas on the slabs that the client did not notice when they purchased the quartzite slabs.

Tips for future customers: Quartzite is a natural stone and has lots of natural elements to it, which can be perceived as defects by some clients, we as fabricators work with the slabs as is and cannot change the nature of the slabs, customers should inspect their slabs and be aware that the final product may have different colors in different part as any natural stone, fissures corrected at the factory and other imperfections.

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